Spent my Sunday night listening to Sharpay’s songs from the HSM soundtracks and it’s awoken something in me. I *AM* fabulous. Plus, her songs are actually pretty great.

He’s so pleased to see me, anyone who says cats arent loyal can suck it.

I haven’t been able to see my boycat in a while b/c of family issues and I came over and he was pawing at the car door trying to get to me and meowing and the moment I sat down he sat on me and purred so hard he gave himself hiccups, man I love that cat. 

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I just remembered how all the dick’eads at school used to call all the women that they weren’t directly friends with boffins and sneer and snicker and it’s weird because the word isn’t even particularly an insult but it still makes my skin crawl even now? Urghhhh. 

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Realised that on nights out I need a friendship wingman. Someone to drag me to their friends and introduce me to people and who makes sure I don’t just leave and hide in the toilet after an hour. 

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cereal feelings

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I think I’ve really gotten into Total Divas and I don’t even care.

Kind of feel sad that someone I was super close to not so long ago hasn’t spoken to me for months and probably won’t be inviting me to their wedding. Sad, sad, sad.