I react to people the same way cats react to dogs. 

Feel so weird about Ultimate Warrior passing away. He was only on TV on Monday, after so long being away and then the next day he’s gone. Sad times, man. 

Please don’t ruin GOT for me. Or the last hour of Wrestlemania. I promised to watch it with someone but they’re asleep and it’s like ‘how can you be asleep when there are things happening on the internet?!’ 

I’m a bit pants at proper quiz shows unless it’s a question on books or entertainment or things a cat can do, but Catchphrase. Catchphrase is my jam. I take Catchphrase very seriously so my Sunday nights are proper intense and I love it.

I am having my first sober Wrestlemania due to babies and babysitting but I’m drinking so much coffee I think I can see through time.

I have a snotty cold just as the weather’s improving and am proper craving soup. I always get bored of soup around the point which I run out of bread. I want to be one of those people who likes soup and makes their own soup and has weeks-worth of soup-related snacks saved up but I’m really a toast-toast-I-love-toast kind of girl.


Norwegian Forest Cats.


Excuse me while I like everything related to Norwegian Forest cats, ever. 

Watching first season Sabrina the teenage witch and getting overly invested in the character’s lives. Whatever happened to Jenny? Did Libby end up having success? From what I remember she didnt get bad grades and she had a bunch of extra clubs so she’s probably living the high life which makes me feel strangely angry.

I keep finding books from my university reading list that for one reason or another I didn’t read and realising a lot of them were very, very good (I’ve just started reading Prozac Nation and I really don’t want to stop,) and it makes me think how great I might have done at uni if I had just been a little less sad. 


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Current mood: ’90s r’n’b and big hair and aggressive hand gestures while dancing.